Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Scam fight

The internet is full of scams.  Facebook and Google both make billions posting ads for rapid muscle growth, effortless weight loss, hookup websites and more.  Recently I got linked to an article about Google's illegal revenue and the problems that exist with the 'products' they help to sell indirectly.  The best part about the article was the links at the bottom which, when followed, led me to a variety of different scam websites purporting to sell cheap vacations, hot women looking for easy hookups, penny stocks, and brain exercises.  Use an article about scams to funnel people into scams - gotta love the internet.

I discovered though that all is not well in scamville.  Some of the residents are fighting with one another and it makes me howl to see it.  Following those links I found an 'article' linking me to MarriedHallPass.com where I could find lots of attractive married women who desperately want to have sex with me.  Who could say no to that?  Unconvinced, I Googled "Married Hall Pass scam" and found a website talking about how MarriedHallPass.com is a scam!  Good thing I have these fine people to direct me to a real, serious, legit site where you can hook up with hot married women right now.  This fine website has quotes on the front page such as

I was tired of hearing about other lonely housewives' hookups and wanted to have a few of my own. Now that I’m on Hornywives I hookup any time I want. Naughty housewives have all the fun and now I’m one of them!

Just as a note, if you ever want to try to kill me via choking you should probably lead off by getting me to read quotes like this while eating cornbread.  It was a close call.

Now here is the thing I am wondering.  Are these folks all the same company?  After all, if somebody Googles "MyScammyWebsite.com scam" they aren't going to buy from you but maybe you can direct them to another website that also scams them in exactly the same way and that will work fine.  Certainly you want to make sure your Google rank for that phrase is higher than anybody else's because at least then they won't get real advice.  For all you conspiracy theorists out there - this is what a real conspiracy looks like and the only people that get fooled are the desperate and ignorant.

Oh, and just for completeness, Googling "Hornywife.com scam" takes you to a fake page that talks about how the website isn't a scam at all!  (Not a guarantee.)

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