Sunday, May 5, 2013

The weather is awesome.

The weather lately has been awesome.  20 degree days with empty skies makes for a fantastic time.  It is hot enough to go out in shorts and tshirt but not so hot you can't run, play, and be active very comfortably.  We went to the park today and it was ideal - Elli zipped around on her bike and ran with other kids while I hung out and shot the breeze with some friends.  Sitting in the sun so much got me just a little bit of a burn, enough that I will be stronger against the sun in a day or two.  That first minor burn sets me up for immunity if I do it right!

Of course there are other consequences to great weather.  Your friendly neighborhood noncomformist will tend to decide to crack out the kilt and ditch the shoes.  Thankfully the school has decided to just ignore my bare feet now and thus I can go mostly wherever I want; the only two places that require shoes I really don't need to visit anymore.  This year I am going to try to avoid being macho though and I will endeavour to only go barefoot when it really is more comfortable.  In the past I tended to just power through it with a ralling cry of 'for freedom!' but this year it is all about doing what feels good rather than some kind of potentially misguided cause.

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  1. No more potentially misguided causes? What is this world coming to?????