Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I love the big meat

I don't normally get steak.  For one Wendy doesn't much like a meal that revolves around a huge chunk of meat.  For two big steaks are expensive.  For three I feel like eating huge amounts of meat is a bad idea from an environmentalist perspective - I should eat just enough meat to be happy and then load up on veggies.

My mom was in town a few weeks ago though and heard me talking about how I never eat steak or roast and decided to buy me a big ass chunk of meat.  She is awesome.  Wendy is out tonight so it seemed like the ideal time to cook up my big meat.  It was odd though because I have never actually cooked a steak before.  My usual Internet Aggregate Cooking method doesn't really work here because I am not mixing ingredients so I relied on the advice of some ladies at school to get my cooking instructions.  I know that as a man asking a woman how to cook meat is problematic; it violates the Man Code.  I am supposed to know these things just based on DNA alone.  Please don't take my Dude licence away!

Elli only wanted pasta so this is the amount of meat I was cooking up for myself:

I should note that this is a really seriously thick steak too.  I gave it a go and seared the steak and then broiled it as per my instructions.  My favourite thing to pair with a steak is potato with tons of butter, salt, and pepper so I cooked that up too.

It turns out that after eating half of the potatoes I cooked and 1/4 of the steak I was absolutely stuffed and feeling like my stomach had a close encounter of the cement kind.  It tasted great but it was a dinner of a weight I am not accustomed to.  The great side is I have enough steak to have it for my next 3-4 meals at least.  Steak and potatoes, steak sandwich, steak on bagel, the possible variations are endless.  Yom yom.  I guess I can advertise that I now know how to cook a steak.

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  1. Ohhhhh. That is a lot of red meat. Glad you're enjoying it!