Sunday, March 17, 2013

Modern Man

Part of being a modern adult is owning a cell phone.  You look patently ridiculous when you have to ask to borrow somebody else's phone and then stand there staring at it with no clue how to operate it - I am not incompetent, really!  Somewhere along the way not having a cell phone went from being a thing some people do to being absurd and I don't know exactly when that was.  I do know that when we went to the hospital the receptionist didn't believe us that neither of us had a cell phone which kinda says a lot about how far behind the times we are.

Today Wendy and I went to visit a couple stores to check out phones.  We ended up signing up for a 3 year contract to get sexy Galaxy S3 phones for free and the ugly, ancient phone on my desk is going to get the Office Space treatment.  It is a strange thing, mucking about with phones in stores.

How do I type in a search term in Youtube?

Uh, sir, you click that thing right there.

Well, that is easy!

Because of course everything on my new phone is easy as soon as you do it and often maddeningly difficult until I do.  All kinds of random fools figure these things out though so obviously it can't be the slightest bit challenging but there is a real intimidation factor there when you just don't know the trick.  So now you can call me anytime.  You know, like when I am sitting at my desk reading things on the internet, you can totally call me on my cell phone.

Also for those of you who know me IRL my phone number is not changing, it is just being ported over on Wednesday.  If you want Wendy's number then contact her or me.

Until then I will be editing my contact list.  Hooray for all the work associated with extra convenience.


  1. I hate having a cell phone. I leave mine plugged into my desk and don't take it anywhere anymore.

  2. I think I intend to be out places and want to contact people more than you though. It definitely comes up, and worst case I can always just turn the phone off!