Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Quilt

My family likes to make things.  This is an excellent quality to have in a family as it can lead to you having lots of really well made, durable objects in your home that are custom built.  Sure, you can buy stuff in a store, but can you help choose how it will be made and get it exactly right?  No you can not!  Yesterday my brother showed up at my place with a brand new quilt for Wendy and I made by The Quilter.  It is most awesome, what with being full of bright colours and being expertly made.  I am most pleased, yes I am.

Elli approves.

The cat also approves.

This is the backing of it, which is quite nice but not as pretty and colourful as the front.

And now I have an excellent new quilt that I love the look of.  The old one was getting really ratty and the colours were fading to greyish brown so the timing is excellent.

This came with the quilt.  Numerous and amusing details on the construction.  Man, that is a lot of sewing.


  1. I think you should add the quilt stats to this post

  2. Hope The Quilter sees this entry. It's a beautiful piece of work.