Thursday, January 24, 2013

Too many crackers

Lately I have been getting snacky and eating too many crackers.  I generally avoid really junky food just fine but between meals I find myself cruising to the cracker box over and over to do something about the hunger just beginning to chew away at my insides.  It isn't a good habit but it is a tough one to break because in my mind a cracker isn't a treat so I am allowed to eat as many as I want but it is abundantly clear that half a box of crackers is not a good thing to fill up on.

My solution is carrots.  I like carrots pretty well and they are quite healthy with lots of fibre so eating plenty of them should be fine for me.  If I feel snacky and eat a carrot, all well and good.  If I feel snacky and don't want to eat a carrot then obviously I am just craving junk food and should suck it up and not eat.  I have been trying this for a week so far and it has worked well but we sure are going through carrots fast.  I am honestly shocked by how often I start nibbling on a bloody enormous carrot and suddenly it is gone.

It turns out that you can actually turn yourself orange if you eat too many carrots.  The amount of carrots you need is unbelievable though and pretty much requires 100% carrot consumption for days and days on end.  I doubt very much that I will ever do that although certainly the story of how I turned myself orange would be one I could tell and retell forever without being sick of it.  Also, taking pictures of yourself is hard, especially with three giant carrots in your mouth.  Gag reflex for the lose!

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  1. You'll be pumpkin coloured by Hallowe'en.