Monday, January 28, 2013

Lost forever

11.5 years ago I moved out of Waterloo to Toronto.  I went to pursue a job and to live near all kinds of awesome folks but I left something behind:  A box full of junk.  Hidden deep in the recesses of Resurrection College at the Waterloo campus there was a box with some of my stuff from first and second year.  The box had my old camouflage hat that I wore constantly throughout high school (It went by the name Moe), a sweater, some shoes, and some other assorted stuff I can't rightly recall now.  The box was stored in the dusty back room with things that other students want to stash to pick up later and every time I went back to Waterloo for one reason or another I thought about it.

Unfortunately every time I returned to Waterloo I went on Good Friday so nobody would have been available at the office to let me in to the back room.  Year after year I remembered my stuff and wondered if it was still there or if they had finally gotten around to chucking it all into a dumpster.  On Friday I went back to Waterloo once again to run another playtest of my new RPG and I took a few minutes to stop by to see if the box was still in existence.

The same lady was in charge as when I lived there back in 97 and 98 and she was as pleasant as ever.  She did, I think, find it a little strange that it had taken me so long to come back and get my things but apparently people just leaving their possessions in the back room forever is pretty normal.  Most of the stuff stored there she identified as belonging to people living in other countries now who almost certainly had forgotten it existed at all.  Despite her best attempts at finding my things it became clear that in some years past my box had been opened and the contents had been given to students for free.  I can think of no better use for my possessions now that I consider it; I never really needed them and now I can safely forget them forever while some student somewhere makes good use of them.

Farewell sweater.  Goodbye Moe.  See you later random junk and pair of shoes.  It turns out you were gone years ago and just now I found out.


  1. Which sweater was it, the red & white one? Did you check the bike shed at Resurrection College to see if your bike was still there? R.I.P. Moe.

  2. Yeah, it was the red and white sweater. The bike is gone, though I don't miss that since it was broken anyway.