Friday, February 3, 2012

Yom yom health food

Sometimes you need to eat things that don't taste so great to eat healthy.  I eat a lot of broccoli and it is not bad but I sure would rather be eating chocolate bars, bacon or ice cream.  Sometimes though you can eat healthy things and they just taste like MORE.

These are kale chips.  Bits of kale, chopped up, coated lightly in olive oil and salt and baked.  Much like potato chips they are incredibly addictive and when you eat them it feels like they are just a vehicle for salt and oil but they have the distinct upside of being quite healthy for you.  Kale on its own is fairly bitter and honestly a pretty hard health food to stomach but when chippified it is most excellent.  There is a fair bit of chopping and baking and dishes for the raw weight of food involved but it seems worth the effort as they are yummy!

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