Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting ripped fast all over again

Awhile ago I wrote about sites that sell supplements aimed at making men look muscular and sexay.  Of course they are all ridiculous scams that attempt to get you hooked on a product for free or practically free and then charge outrageous monthly fees if you have not jumped through a succession of hoops to opt out.  They always include a bunch of before and after pictures designed to show someone who is at best average looking who suddenly acquires abs of steel.  This video shows how you can easily make the sort of transformation you see on these scams happen in less than 5 hours - in reverse.  It involves spraying your body with cooking oil, eating junk food and timing your workout appropriately.

Of course the pose has everything to do with it too.  You can add a ton of pop to your picture just with a little bit more flex and a slightly different posture and facial expression.  I was always curious in the past about these pictures because I wondered if they were really taken by someone who worked out hard for months to improve but claimed it was done by the supplements or if there was something else at work.  It turns out with a little bit of knowhow and showmanship anybody can put up an amazing set of before/after photos in just a day. Well, any man wanting to put up a muscle mass set of photos can anyway, I don't know for sure how much of this would successfully translate to women's pictures.

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