Monday, December 26, 2011

Suicide Hill - aptly named

On the 24th my family and some friends went to Suicide Hill.  I bragged in my last post about my previous great spill where I flew upside down, kicked my sled away and landed with minimal damage and without bashing my precious cranium.  My hubris was suitable punished this year when I tried the same stunt.

On the last run of the day I decided to ride a Sno Racer down the hill from quite near the top - a more than slightly dangerous feat.  It was not a danger that could be avoided though as Mr. Frisbee had crushed my distance record by a full meter and my honour needed defending.  I blasted down the hill rocking from side to side without any really close calls but once I hit the flat I grazed a bump and one ski popped up into the air.

My desperate attempts to abandon ship were in vain as my boots caught on my sled and my face was smashed most brutally into the ground.  After rolling over and collapsing I dragged myself off of the ground wondering if I would see streams of blood coming from my face or if my knees had been badly damaged by being twisted around by the flying sled and falling human.  Strangely I wasn't worried about my face; even in a haze of pain I was sure any damage to my face would be superficial (if potentially ugly!) but I was very concerned about my knees.  Wendy has real trouble with her knees from old injuries and I have no desire whatever to join that club.  After I had gotten up and was deemed not to badly hurt people showed me the massive chunk I had torn out of the ground with my face:  A hole in hard packed snow about 5 cm x 5 cm x 40 cm.

Thankfully though getting up was a trial I am not seriously hurt.  My knees were complaining mightily for a day or two and my face is still obviously battered but they are nothing that will not be cured by time.  No regrets are had by me though.  One's honour must be defended on the sledding hill and simply allowing an opponent to recklessly smash a distance record cannot be tolerated.  Being unable to compete by dint of injury is acceptable but refusing to try based on danger?  Nevar!

Wendy decided that my bruise looked like rock star makeup and encouraged me to try it again by applying colours with a brush instead of smashing myself into a hill.  Perhaps it is time for a foray into eyeliner to please her...?

Thanks to Mr. Frisbee and Also The Doctor for recording my crash for posterity.

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