Friday, January 21, 2011

Go for it

I hate cheese.  This has been a longstanding thing with me, ever since I was two.  I talked about it before at some point, though I cannot find the post.  Basically when I was young I had a terrible experience with getting very sick after eating a lot of cheese and have found it repugnant ever since.  However, I was not aware of why I disliked it for years and only very recently found out that my dislike of cheese is not something I was born with but rather something I acquired.  Given that it is an acquired thing I have decided that I can divest myself of it and learn to tolerate cheese when necessary.  Whether I will love it is another thing entirely but I want to train myself such that I can eat things with cheese in them without complaint when necessary, just like I do for eggplant or cauliflower now.  Wendy has been regularly hassling me about doing a cheese project where I eat new cheese on a regular basis, starting with the most bland and working my way up as my tolerance increases.  I think now is the time to start this new project and see if I can shape myself to be the person I want to be.

To begin I think I will start eating a small bit of cheese 3 times a day, once with each meal.  I figure I will let Wendy choose what I start with and slowly try more things as puking (or not) allows.  I suspect it will be easier than I had thought in the past because I am slowly adapting to the idea that my dislike is a mutable thing, something that can be dealt with, instead of an absolute.  I had some cheese by accident at New Year's and liked the dish it was in very well and my response was much less vitriolic than it would have been in the past so I think my brain is slowly coming to terms with the fact that my hatred for spoiled milk is irrational, unnecessary and ultimately subject to change.

Thus it begins - my project to do something I dislike to train myself to do more things I dislike in the future for the dual purposes of enlightenment and making other people's lives easier when they cook.  Also, perhaps for the purposes of entertaining those who read my blog.


  1. I had no idea that the cheese hatred was acquired after a bad sick episode. I can remember long conversations when we were little about 'why would Sky not like cheese' and postulated hypotheses about texture/taste etc. And it's as simple as getting really sick after cheese one time! How about that! Good luck with the project!

  2. Yay! My pestering has paid off! Now to find delicious and cheesy things to feed him...

  3. Go for Gouda. As a fellow cheese non-lover, I was surprised to find that I really like a nice gouda. It's mild and you can even get Thunder Oak Farms gouda in Toronto. Dill, black pepper, smoked are my three favourites.

  4. Good on you for trying to change! How's it going? Does this mean I should try to tolerate liver?