Saturday, January 8, 2011

An anecdote

Just to be fair, I figured I should tell an embarrassing story about someone else's kid too.

Today we went to the Science Centre and were looking around the Mythical Creatures exhibit.  It was a pretty unusual sort of thing to see in a Science Centre at first glance but it turned out to be an examination of the legends of monsters in various cultures and the origins of those legends, as well as looking at the actual creatures that might have inspired those legends like the giant squid that turned out to be real after much legend and not a little skepticism.  We were looking at a model of a pegasus with another group that consisted of Random Lady and Random Little Girl (approx age 4).  Conversation follows:

Random Lady:  Look at that flying horse.  Wouldn't it be neat to fly on a horse instead of ride in a car?

Me:  Yeah, you sure could get places fast on one of those.

Random Little Girl:  Yes, and then Mommy wouldn't have to yell naughty words at the other people on the road who are going too slow!

*total silence* (Me trying desperately to not bust out loud laughing and cause the entire room to stare.)

Random Lady:  Ummm, I guess I am busted?

Me:  That is pretty funny.

Kids sure do say the darndest things, and not just mine.

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