Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Grand Plan - A Nap

I have guests around over the next couple of days so my posts and Bible reading will likely be somewhat sporadic, so expect my usual volume and excessive wordiness to resume at the end of the week.

Yesterday I got a unexpected reaction to my last post.  Wendy read it, gave me a very strange look and asked, "You do know that the Bible was written by many different people over many different time periods, right?  It wasn't laid down all at once in some kind of revelation."

Yup, I know that.

The reason this confusion was there is that my intentions when I started my 'Read the Bible and blog about it' weren't clear either to myself or anyone else.  Now that I have begun though the way I need to go about this has become more clear.  I know a fair bit about how religious groups operate and what they say to people and I know what atheists preach.  What I didn't know until very recently was what exactly was in the Bible.  This project then is about reading the Bible and trying to react to the things I see in it without paying attention to all the knowledge I already have stuffed into my brain about what to expect.  I hope to read it with an open mind and share that experience.  I don't want to just regurgitate the objections that atheist scholars have already shared with me and I don't want to read the Bible trying to find justification for religion.  The goal is to simply read the Bible, understand what is literally written there and try to understand it.  Once I have done that I will take time to actively compare it to the religions it has spawned and consider the objections to it I have already read.

The way naps have evolved in my household has greatly amused me.  It used to be that Elli would take a nap each day for 2 hours or so.  Last year this was my opportunity to get my games, hobbies and such in while also trying to get some work done.  Lately though she has been uninterested in napping so we began to enforce quiet time.  At first she would play quietly in her room and we would retreat to our bedroom (also the computer room) to play video games together or nap ourselves.  Now though Elli wants to have the run of the condo aside from our bedroom during quiet time and we found it hard to deny her this since we certainly weren't using the rest of the space.

Now we have reached the point that when naptime comes it is Mama and Daddy who retreat to their room and close the door to have a lie down for awhile while Elli runs around the place doing things.  I might be a little ticked off at this if naps weren't so wonderful.  A decade ago I would have laughed at the idea of a nap - I have too much to do!  But these days the opportunity to let the 3 year old run around on her own and stop the endless tide of "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, look at this look at this Daddy watch me!" and have a little rest is just nirvana.  I don't know the exact date when Elli's naptime became Mama/Daddy's naptime but we sure are there now.

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