Wednesday, August 10, 2016


This week has been bad for hair at my place.  I tried shaving my head for the first time, which took a really long time and was kind of annoying.  It was easy to get the great majority of the hair gone but actually getting my head smooth was a giant pain.  My hair grows in all kinds of screwy directions at the crown of my head and that wasn't entertaining to deal with.  Forth minutes to shave vs. five minutes to buzz it short is easy math.

It turns out I don't look all that different with a fully shaved head either.  Apparently I look like a Tough Guy (tm) but I didn't have all that much hair to shave off, so it can't be that big a deal.

The more interesting thing is that Wendy let me attack her hair with both scissors and a buzzer and that was really fun.  I buzzed her hair quite short on the sides and back but left the top long enough that it hangs down to her jawline.  If she hangs it just right, letting it fall on all sides, you can hardly tell, but if she sweeps it all off to one side it is really obvious.

Also it is *super* hot.

Years ago I don't think I would have thought that.  I used to be a big fan of long hair and I liked it when Wendy (or anyone else, really) had really long hair.  These days though my preferences have shifted and I am a big fan of the half buzzed, half long look.

It makes me wonder why my preferences have shifted this way.  The obvious answer is that I dated Val for over a year and they had that sort of look for much of that time but obvious answers are not always right, and correlation is not causation.  Perhaps it is my general shift towards non conformity showing up, and half buzzed, half long isn't really corporate standard.  Over the past decade or so I have definitely drifted away from the mainstream.  I wasn't exactly obedient and compliant before... but that trait is more pronounced in me now and maybe I am manifesting that by being more attracted to looks that step outside the established norms.  This change in hair preferences has come along with an increased appreciation for tattoos, though whether they are linked is anybody's guess.

The tactile properties of buzzed short hair are part of the draw too; it isn't just about the visuals.  I like running my hands over really short hair a lot, more than makes any sense to my logical brain.  It is a real thing for me, and I honestly can't say if it is something I just never experienced in my young life but I always would have gone for it, or if it is something new.  Being really into it visually is a more modern thing, but I didn't spend a lot of time running my hands over close cropped heads in my youth, so who knows?

I lack concrete conclusions here.  I know what I like now, but I don't know where that came from.  I know I like it on all kinds of people, whether they be people I am emotionally entangled with, random people I meet, or even just those I see in shows or on the web.  But I want to know WHY.

My brain needs an instruction manual.

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  1. Long hair was cool. You had years of long hair experience. Now it's less interesting/new, so you're interested in something different?