Tuesday, July 26, 2016

All the foods

The resort that the World Boardgaming Championships is at this year is a pretty nice place.  Compared to the previous venue which had tremendous problems like a lack of AC and random leaks (culminating in the building being shuttered this year!) it is a paradise.

The problem?  The food is brutally expensive.  I can't look at a sandwich for $12.99 US without cringing, and even though I do want to just stay in the zone and enjoy myself without worrying about expenses much, I can't do that at the prices I see.  But there are solutions, and they end up being even better than just eating out without even considering the monetary benefits.

A giant jar of pickles.  This is the solution to my food dilemma, or at least part of it.  I went to the grocery store to buy a huge stack of things that I can eat while sitting at the game table, and on that list was two 1 litre jars of pickles.  Also a bag of carrots, tons of fruit, and cereal that I eat straight out of the box.  Mini Wheats, naturally, since they are the easiest to eat without making a mess.  This way I can just reload on groceries every time I visit my room and I don't have to leave the game room to eat!

Plus it looks like I have enough food for about a week on $45 US, which would barely buy me one day worth of food in the restaurants around here.

I did get one player complaining of the smell of the pickles when I cracked them out during a game, but generally people just laugh at the fact that I have a full bag of carrots in my bag at all times.

It is a good end run around my money demon, because not having to think about money when I eat really makes the whole experience better.  Combine that with extra gaming time and I wonder why anybody eats in the restaurants.  Why would you when you can just munch down on a delicious carrot anytime you like?


  1. This? Is part of why I like you so much. It's totally something I would do /have done!
    Has anyone asked you yet, "Are you glad to see me or is that a pickle in your pocket"? ;)

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