Monday, May 9, 2016

A really big sword

I saw The Edge of Tomorrow this weekend.  I loved it to pieces.  Action movie with a cataclysmic setting with cool future tech but modern enough to make it relatable; right up my alley.

It also doesn't hurt that the most badass soldier in the world is a woman wielding a gigantic sword.

See, you have to be terrified of an opponent wielding a sword in a world of guns.  Because when you see a swarm of enemies coming towards you shooting grenades and machine guns and one of them is rushing in wielding a preposterously large blade you can reach only one conclusion.

She is so dangerous and going to kill so many of her enemies that she can't even carry all the ammo she would need if she were using guns for all of her killing.  I mean, she is a badass, and obviously could carry a *lot* of ammo.  But even that large amount of ammo simply won't do to kill all the stuff she is going to kill that day.

Now that is a scary prospect.  Or a heartwarming prospect, depending on which side you are on!

The movie makes no damn sense from a science standpoint but that doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of it at all.  It doesn't try to explain physics, but happily breaks all the rules in order to tell an entertaining story.  Plus in a two hour movie having about one hour devoted to a training montage is pretty fantastic.

So ridiculous, yes.  But also fighting aliens with gigantic swords for reasons of being so awesome, for which I will forgive nearly any transgression against science.

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