Friday, February 26, 2016

Mighty alligators

Today Elli was telling me about a game she and her friends are playing where they have magical powers.  Elli has fire power, and her two friends have ice and vines.  I asked Elli what sort of power I could have and she had no good answers; I decided that my power should be alligators since she didn't have any better suggestion.  Elli informed me that her fire power would defeat my alligator power but I think the record will show that alligators are the safe bet against fire any time.

First I told her that I would summon alligators to bite her.  Seems pretty lethal, right?  Not so, she says!  She claims her fire would burn up the alligators before they ate her.  Faugh, says I, I just summon MOAR alligators.

She had the gall to state that her fire would blow up those alligators too.  Can you believe it?

Then I told her that I would start summoning alligators above her to fall on top of her.  Again she said that she would burn them, but then I pointed out that even should her fire incinerate the alligators some amount of dust would remain.  With enough alligators summoned above her head the dust would eventually surround her and she would sink to her death in an endless pile of dust made of alligator ashes.  Victory, right there.

She came back with the assertion that she would would burn the dust to nothing, preventing it from stacking up and killing her.  I told her that conservation of mass prevented this from happening, and certainly no fire summoned by a small child is capable of getting the iron in an alligator's body to 2862 degrees C where it would be vapourized.  Obviously.

But still she insisted that her fire power would be enough to defeat the might of endless alligators.  I tell you, this younger generation has *no* respect for physics.  What do they teach them in school these days?

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  1. You should have chosen the power of ice alligators. The fire and ice would cancel out and you'd just be left with regular alligators (WHICH WOULD EAT HER!!!AHAHAHAHAHHA)