Thursday, November 5, 2015

Merit and going hog wild

The new Liberal cabinet has been announced, and as promised it is 50% women.  There are a lot of people, nearly all men, who have decided that this is awful and people should be put in cabinet based on merit, not gender.

Funny how this wasn't an issue with other governments who put people in cabinet positions without any relevant experience based on nepotism, dealing favours, or to placate ambitions.  That's all business as usual!  But having women in cabinet, in numbers that reflect their relative share of society, this is an outrage!

What bullshit.

The Liberals have done well in their appointments as far as I can see.  I like that Cabinet has proportional representation for women, has an Inuit person, and has other minorities too.  There are of course white men (not much danger of missing out on them) but they are less overrepresented than usual.  Crazy.

Anyway, now that the Liberals are in power, my plan is to roll a joint, wander down the local bordello, commit a terrorist act or two, and then wreck the economy.  Because Justin Trudeau is just not ready.

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