Friday, September 18, 2015

Better thievery

I have seen ads for fake muscle pills before.  They always follow the same formula:  A pretend news article talking about how there are these new pills that let you lose tons of fat and pack on muscle with no exercise or diet changes followed by a 'testimonial' by a 'reporter' and then a bunch of before and after pictures.  The pills don't work, and the payment scheme is an awful scam.

These crooks have updated their scheme though and they totally got me to take another look.  The other day I saw an article on Facebook about how The Rock got arrested for possession of drugs.  I was curious so I clicked through, and lo and behold there was a 'news' article talking about The Rock being jailed for a night and his claims that he is innocent, because he was just handing perfectly legal bodybuilding pills to a friend.

The rest is obvious as the article quickly steps away from The Rock except for occasionally slipping in a photo of him showing off his physique and gets right back to the formula where they talk about how celebrities have these weight loss secrets they don't want anyone else to know and that these pills will make you ripped in no time with no effort!

Seriously people.  If any celebrity had a miracle muscle building weight loss pill they would be selling the HELL out of it on every channel in existence.  You would already be taking this pill!  Celebrities line up to sell us all weight loss and muscle building tips, they don't hide.

At any rate, now that I have clicked through once Facebook has decided that I want to learn about how Chuck Norris has been banned from doing endorsements and that Sylvestre Stallone has been kicked out of The Expendables movie franchise for being too ripped.  Guess what both of those lead to?

Facebook is right in that I like to collect scams, so congratulations to them for figuring out that they should send me links to scam pages and that I will click on them.

It might not be quite what they are aiming for though...

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