Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I don't even know

Quite some time ago I linked a short video which was a fake movie trailer for a movie called Kung Fury.  The people behind it got a bunch of money together via crowdfunding and made a 30 minute movie out of it.  I watched it for the first time a few days ago and spent most of that 30 minutes giggling like a lunatic at the absurdity of it all.  Everyone must view this thing, I thought.  The world must know of the genius of Kung Fury!

Then I showed it to people and they hated it.  The reaction was somewhere between revulsion and confusion, disgust and dislike.

I tried to explain that Kung Fury isn't meant to be a good movie on its own - it is satire of hilarious tropes found in 80s action movies.  These scenes aren't just bad... they just the right amount of bad to be awesome instead!  The scene where the protagonist establishes that he fights evil, but on his own terms!  The scene where the innocent person is hamfistedly attached to the hero and then brutally murdered to give the hero a reason to be bitter!  The scene where we are shown just how dystopic a world the hero lives in!  It's all there!

Nobody bought it.

Now I have to know - am I just crazy and Kung Fury is just an awful collection of badly animated, gory action scenes?  Is it just crap?  Or is it perfectly terrible instead?  I need you to tell me which it is!  If you aren't up for the full 30 minutes just watch the first 5 instead.  You won't miss much as the movie definitely trails off in the second half as the director struggles with trying to actually finish the plot while still doing nothing but making fun of iconic scenes in old movies.  It is a difficult line to walk and he does it reasonably but imperfectly.

Then I recommend replying in comments to let me know.  My sense of my own skill at evaluating cheap videos on youtube is at stake!

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  1. "Kung Fury" is truly a work of high art. Disclaimer: I helped fund Kung Fury.