Wednesday, January 7, 2015


A tragedy has occurred in France.  The satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked by several people using assault rifles and 12 people are dead.  The attack was explicitly in retaliation for pictures published by the magazine mocking Islamic State and the attackers shouted about prophet Muhammad during their assault.  Needless to say this is a terrible event, not just for the personal tragedy but also for the state of affairs between radical Islam and the rest of the world.

I think though that the perpetrators are going to learn that their attack will not have the effect they intended.  They are, I hope, going to receive a quick and dirty lesson in how the Streisand Effect works.  I had never heard of Charlie Hebdo before today nor had I seen their latest post that is assumed to be the flashpoint behind this attack.  Now I have and I will share it in an attempt to push awareness of it as far across the world as possible.

I hope others will share it too.  Those who would try to suppress expression such as this must learn that all their despicable actions accomplish is to spread the very images they are trying to suppress far and wide.  Acts of violence against free expression must not only be fought back against with weapons but also with more expression.  The greater part of society, both Muslim and not, does not tolerate such atrocity and we outnumber the lunatics by a great margin.  We can and must show them that we will steamroller right over their feeble attempts to terrorize us.

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