Monday, October 27, 2014

The polls were right

So there is good news and bad news in Toronto.  The era of Ford governance is over, for now at least, and we have a staunch conservative with a mediocre plan in power in the form of John Tory.  Tory won't be a great mayor but he won't be a world wide gong show sensation like Ford was.  It is nearly certain that Tory will end up pushing policies I don't much like and putting on a decent show as a politician who doesn't want to offend people.  We could do worse, I suppose, but we sure could have done better too.

I voted for Olivia Chow.  I would sure have rather had her than anyone else on the ballot if I have to pick a mayor at all.  I liked her ideas and her transit priorities.  I think she struggled with speech making and with getting people excited - she doesn't have as much presence as people tend to expect from a leader of a major city.  I don't think that presence is all that much use in the job but it sure does seem to kick your chances of getting the job in the junk if you lack it.

Trading wild lunacy for quiet mediocrity.  Huzzah politics.

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