Friday, August 15, 2014


I am on vacation in Nova Scotia visiting Hobo.  Wendy and I are here on what we our calling our PhD honeymoon to celebrate the end of the PhD era which is why my blogs have been somewhat neglected recently.  The PhD isn't actually done, though we are on the very cusp now but the vacation was booked so vacation we took!  It has been a wonderful time sitting on beaches, rafting through 3 meter waves in the Bay of Fundy tidal bore, and playing tons of board games.  Mostly we have eaten very well  and responsibly but today I decided something truly decadent needed to eaten for lunch.

Hench I fried up a ton of bacon leaving a huge pool of bacon grease in the frying pan and then cooked pancakes in the bacon grease.  It was sort of like deep frying them, and the pancakes obligingly soaked up all the bacon grease and became huge, bloated mounds of dough suffused with the delicious taste of fried pig.  YOM.

A holiday full of boozing, watching movies, good food, great games, no child to chase after, and the best of company.  You don't dare ask for more in a vacation.

I would totally ask for more, but I am greedy like that.


  1. At the cottage with my inlaws. They were generous enough to take her while we partied away the days.