Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Everything sucks

I have been spending a lot of time reading blog posts about feminism and social justice.  Because I am apparently a brutal masochist I also plow through all the comments and thus get treated to the opuses of the dredges of humanity, the worst people in the world come out to play.  It is certainly educational and good for self improvement and such so it is worth the doing but afterwards I need some time to just howl with laughter at something ridiculous and wonderful on the internet.  Today I present Stop Masturbation Now, a site perfectly crafted to dance on that fine line that makes you unsure if it is really written by a loony toon or is just perfect satire.

It features the following image for a fake ad for its Anti Masturbation Cross:

Man, comedy gold right there.

Then I thought I should look up anti masturbation devices in general and see what other sorts of hilarity the internet might contain in the 'absurd products that don't exist' category.  Then I realized that the internet was not so much full of comedy as it was full of evil that has been done in the past and isn't much in use now.  If I could say that it is never in use now I would be much happier but I know that isn't true... there are some evil people out there using this shit on their children to this day.

Now I am all grumbly all over again.

If you want a really fun game I recommend reading twitter posts under #YesAllMen and #NotAllMen and then try to figure out which of them brings out more awfulness.  Fun!

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