Friday, June 27, 2014


Awhile ago I posted about a video making the rounds where people were filmed sharing a first kiss despite not knowing one another ahead of time.  It was a cute sort of thing and it inspired many people to make spinoffs and parodies.  You know you have successfully made a viral video when the videos referencing or imitating yours become too numerous to keep straight - that is the new standard as far as I am concerned.  At any rate the kissing video inspired people to do the same sort of thing but with slapping instead.

Then we have 'the making of' video which is also pretty entertaining.

Now this might be seen as just a silly parody using violence and an established meme to get a bunch of views but I think it is a lot more interesting than that.  People have a tremendous desire to whack each other and normally we keep that pretty tightly wrapped up.  You can't just go about smashing others randomly and have society work and we need to control those who would hit others against their will.  However, slapping, pinching, and smacking during sex as a thing that both giver and receiver enjoy attests (to say nothing of BDSM) we have a broad desire to involve ourselves with violent contact with those we care about.

I remember the joy with which Hobo, Full Throttle, and I hammered each other into the ground while playing football in university.  It caused no end of pain and suffering and yet we all hurled ourselves into it with reckless abandon.  The shared desire to smash into each other and share moments of pain and violence with those who would also take joy in it was undeniable.  People love doing this stuff vicariously too whether it be through hockey fights, boxing, or football.

I have a tremendous desire to do this sort of thing myself to see what it is like.  I don't know that I will actually get anyone interested in it but it has been a long time since I have felt the particular rush that I recall from my days of playing tackle football with no gear and I wonder if I can bring back some of that in a very different sort of situation.  It kind of strikes me as odd that this interests me so much when pain in a sexual context interests me so little but people are all very random and I guess that is my particular kind of random.


  1. You could always look into taking up a sport or a martial art. Judo or fencing or something along those lines. A fear of concussions would keep me from wanting to do something like boxing but I think fencing is a lot more about inflicting bruises on bodies than blows to the noggin.

  2. I have thought about this just from an exercise perspective. Most sports weren't suitable though, due to cost, time committment, or other reasons. I also don't want to get injured, so I certainly have no desire to do boxing! Fencing is a thing I have considered in the past actually. Probably won't do any of those though due to inertia.

  3. Matt is/was in some sort of dodgeball league; he may be able to tell you more about that. Aidan sure plays a lot of badminton if exercise is a primary motivation!