Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Masterful Cheffery

There are a few things I can teach the world.  Cheffery is not one of them.  When I cook sometimes the following sequence of events occurs:

1.  Make bacon.
2.  Notice leftover bacon grease.
3.  Think "I don't want to waste delicious bacon taste!"
4.  Put bacon grease into freezer for later.
5.  Forget bacon grease for 4 months.

6.  Think "Wow, I gotta use that bacon grease...."
7.  Put bacon grease in pot, cook pasta sauce using bacon grease as olive oil substitute.
8.  Serve bacon flavoured pasta sauce without telling anyone about shenanigans.
9.  Profit?

Honestly I can't see how this can go wrong.  I mean, bacon is delicious and pasta is delicious so obviously they will be even more delicious together.  Also, now I have more space in my freezer that isn't dedicated to randomly storing bacon grease so I can store more cookies or blueberries or something.

Assertion:  Nothing can go wrong.


  1. Yeoooooooooo. Bacon grease is so unhealthy, while I'm told that olive oil isn't.

  2. I think it depends on the sauce. Bacon basil pesto, for instance, does not sound like the best of plans.