Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A fracking lion

This week Elli is in pet camp.  I assumed that pet camp was mostly going to be exciting for her but wouldn't actually be all that interesting.  I had visions of dog training, petting ferrets, and getting to see an exotic bird or two.  It turns out they brought in a fracking lion to show to the kids.

A tame lion, and one which presumably is extremely tightly controlled, but still.  And a kangaroo.  And lots of parrots!  It turns out the world is full of all kinds of awesome experiences for kids and I drastically underestimate the coolness of what adults who aren't me do to entertain children.  I mean, when I entertain Elli we draw chalk pictures on the sidewalk or read or wrestle but I sure don't bring in lions or kangaroos.  I also don't support such a huge variety of random art projects and other great stuff.

I could say that I drop Elli off at camp because having her all day all summer would make me go insane.  Saying so would even be true.  More to the point though I drop her off at camp because they do this whole 'entertain the small person' gig better than I do!

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