Monday, October 22, 2012

The power of technology

Technology lets us do all kinds of fantastic things.  Mostly that seems to revolve around even more efficient sharing of cute cat videos and porn but sometimes something totally insane and original pops out.  If you haven't seen Gangnam Style you MUST watch this.

So, this video came out on July 15 and has 500 million views.  Now I see on Facebook that Tominoes wants me to watch the best Gangnam style parody.  The things that blows me away is that this parody, roughly 3 months later, isn't some dude in his basement parodying something.  It is a huge production with tons of actors and actually looks fantastic.  Whether it is actually the best Gangnam Style parody is a question I will leave to the academics but what nobody can deny is that these days when some guy makes a crazy parody of something the internet manages to spit out serious productions that compete to be the best parody of the parody in only a couple months.

Everything is getting faster at an exponential rate.  What will this be like in twenty years?  Random crazy video comes out, 5 billion people watch it, and high production quality parodies of it arrive next week?  How fast and how big can we get?  Also, anyone who says they can predict the future by examining current trends is dreaming.  Could *anyone* have told us this was coming?  Hell no.  People as a group are just way too complicated.

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