Monday, July 16, 2012

Nathan Fillion and my man crush

Nathan Fillion gets me excited.  First off he is the big draw for the show Firefly (cancelled despite its enduring wonderfulness) due to his character being stone cold awesome.  Thinking about Firefly makes me happy, so Fillion makes me happy.  Unfortunately thinking about Firefly makes me angry because it was so cruelly cut down before it ever really had a chance to live so Fillion makes me angry.

Recently Wendy and I have started watching the show Castle where Fillion again plays a rogue with a heart of gold.  It turns out that it wasn't just a show smashing space opera and western together than won my heart but rather it was just Fillion and me loving the characters he plays.  Hell, maybe it isn't about him at all but rather just the parts he gets; either way I have a massive man crush on his character in Castle.  Wendy's feelings towards Fillion's character are similar but her crush on him has some .. slightly different overtones, shall we say.  That man has really been working out; have you *seen* those shoulders?

We have a strange sort of relationship with television since we don't actually own one; we ignore TV completely and movies almost completely but every year or so we find some episodes and become utterly, hopelessly addicted to some series or other.  We get all the shows and watch multiple seasons in the course of a few days or weeks and then suddenly the brief love affair ends and the shows rot on our hard drives or in the CD closet forever.

I don't have any way to know whether or not Fillion just got lucky and played characters we both happen to fall in love with or if there is something about the man himself that speaks to us.  At the moment we have just two data points and that simply isn't enough; perhaps if a new series pops up with him in it we will be able to tell from whence our collective lust comes.  Until then I am going to make short posts so I can fit as much Castle watching in every evening as possible.  Much as the show is hilariously unrealistic and silly it is also entirely wonderful and right now I just can't make myself stop.

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