Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No time to post, busy levelling up

Diablo 3 came out on Tuesday.  It was arguably the biggest computer game launch ever and with good reason as the game finishes off a monstrously popular trilogy of games and is published by a (perhaps the) top game company. Normally in the past I would have set my alarm for 3 AM so I could be online and playing the instant the servers go live but not this time; Elli was sick and I figured that me being out of sorts and exhausted from playing all night wasn't a good idea.

But when I woke up at 6 AM and realized the game was live... well, I couldn't sit back and not play, now could I?  What kind of a geek would I be then?  It turns out the servers weren't especially working for the first hour anyway so I hardly missed any time anyway.

There are probably people wondering if this game is only going to be available for a week or something - otherwise, why the rush to play in the middle of the night?  Rather I am going to be playing this game for thousands of hours over years, most likely, and certainly will develop (if I haven't already) a serious addiction.  That enormous time investment seems to make it more likely, rather than less, that I desperately need to get started right away.  I don't know that I will deem the amount of time I have invested in it as 'enough' for quite some time yet.

It is a wonderful game.  Much like the previous installment the environments are visually appealing and the monsters are horrific in appearance; the artwork is excellent to my mind.  Of course I see the pictures once and then everything fades into an endless stream of numbers.  Threat values, angles of attack and retreat, damage per second maximization, these are the only things that really register after I get in the zone.  All the work they put into voice acting and art and story and eventually it is just a field of numbers a la The Matrix.

I may not be writing much over the next little while... that is, except when Wendy commandeers my computer to play Diablo 3 herself.

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