Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cold Hands

Do you have problems with cold hands after blowing up bad guys? 

Loved ones push you away because of your frozen appendages?

Bitter about not clicking fast enough with chilled fingers?

There is a solution:  Gamer Mitts!

Everybody needs a pair of Gamer Mitts!

I get cold hands when gaming and I never really knew why until recently.  I knew that Wendy shrieked and told me to go away when I touched her after playing WOW and I knew that my hands felt like ice during games but the cause was not something I actively sought.  Wendy knitted me some Gamer Mitts and they worked as advertised:  My performance was better because my hands stayed warm (warming up before playing computer games is apparently a thing?) and there was much less pushing away and shrieking.  

On tuesday night I was out gaming and Guitar Salesman finally filled in the blanks for me; while doing any really demanding mental task the brain gets all the blood and extremities get less.  The harder the game is and the more I have to think about it the worse the colds hands will be... which makes sense, since my hands aren't frozen all the time, or even all the time when I am at the computer.  I do wonder how much further that goes though.  There are days when I spend 6 hours playing really intense video games and if my brain is being pushed hard enough to deny much of my body proper circulation I might be doing other things to myself.  I have been really tired since I started playing a lot of Mass Effect and it is definitely an intense experience... perhaps I have been making myself exhausted simply by using my brain too much.

That's a new one for you.  Video games don't rot your brain, they wreck your extremities and make you tired because your brain is working *too* hard.

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  1. No more thinking for me. I'm chosing warm hands and feet instead.