Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Sundering

When I posted my "Brightcape is 1 year old!" post I wasn't sure what sort of response I would get.  It turns out the responses to the post itself were few but the discussions surrounding it this holiday were useful.  It seems that my family largely enjoys my posts about random topics but they all just click away when the post descriptor includes WOW or Games.  This is a bit disappointing because one of the things I had been hoping to achieve with my gaming posts was to make them accessible to everyone but particularly interesting to gamers.  In that I appear to have failed.  I am not convinced that consistently writing posts about games that gamers would find compelling and nongamers would find worth reading is a feat that can be accomplished but whether or not anyone can do it I am now fairly sure I can't.

That feedback is disappointing but I am glad to have it.  The result of that feedback is that I am no longer going to be attempting to bridge that gap and will be splitting my blog into two.  The first will remain here and will contain all my random writing on religion, psychology, anecdotes about my life and other such ideas.  I will be building a second blog dedicated purely to gaming and it will deal with WOW, CiV, board games, FMB, and whatever other gaming topics arise.  The discussion there will be much more involved than before and I will be targetting the writing at people who are interested in game theory and have the knowledge base to keep up.  I expect this will allow me to write much better gaming articles than before because I can write to a specific audience instead of trying to please everyone; generally I found the greatest limiter on my ability to write was that attempt on my part to make the writing accessible to all.  I intend to write more about specific game mechanics and strategy than before, in particular my posts about WOW will get much more technical and involved.

I don't have time to set up the new system right away so expect The Sundering of Brightcape to occur very early in the new year.  Once I get back home I will set up the new blog and change the sites around a bit to reflect the new focus they have.  I expect to get on a posting schedule where I still make 5 posts a week, though I will take a swing at updating each blog 3 times a week and see if that works out.

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