Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wonderful wife, bad internet, puzzling Bible

This post is less of a complete post and more of a couple random notes.

First, my wife is great.  She got me:

World of Warcraft and Philosophy:  Wrath of the Philosopher King.  I have only begun to read it but it is quite a neat book - a broad philosophical look at many issues that WoW can help understand and it is written as if the reader is an avid gamer.

I have turned on comment moderation for my blog.  What this means is your comments will not appear right away but have to wait for me to okay them.  Largely this is to avoid people posting stupid spam/porn site links/advertising on the site which has happened a few times now.  I won't be editing out any useful comment, just the pure spam garbage.  Your comments should go up within a couple hours of entering them though.

I changed the layout.  If you like it or don't like it please let me know, I am trying to figure out the best presentation for the blog and feedback helps.  The current layout allows the posts to go across the whole screen instead of being limited which works a lot better when I am posting pictures but it still isn't quite what I want.

I have finished the first 3 books of the New Testament.  It is almost unbelievable to me the similarity between them - they have so many passages that are literally identical to one another.  They are intended to be the story of Jesus from three different perspectives of course so they should be similar but the idea of telling this one story over and over in almost exactly the same way is just baffling.  It feels like either there should be a definitive version (you know, as if this information was actually handed down by God) or the stories should cover different things and express different opinions.  Multiple nearly identical versions though... strange.

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