Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A beginning

A wise man once said "90% of all blogs consist of 3 posts at most". While I certainly intend to break the trend, surely so do 99% of those who start one. Only time will tell if this particular effort will be discarded bits on a server or a forum where I climb on my soapbox and pontificate to the masses.

Regardless, my intention at the outset is to make 2 kinds of posts. Firstly I will talk about games. Many of these posts will be utter gibberish to the uninitiated, and for that I apologize. However, in order to talk about games at the level and in the way I enjoy I simply cannot speak in ways that everyone can understand. Some knowledge must be assumed though I will make every attempt to make the posts interesting for those with the determination to read in a language they do not fully comprehend.

The second kind of post will be my thoughts on nearly any other topic, though I do expect to focus largely on psychology and religion at the outset. Nearly anyone will be able to understand these posts I expect, the catch is that my opinions may not go over well. If you are easily offended by me telling you your worldview/religious beliefs are wrong, you may not want to read. Note that I am happy to receive any counterarguments or disagreement from readers (in fact I would love it) as I will not become offended at you disagreeing with me. I will however debate right back at you.

Late Addition:

When I talk about various people in my life I will often refer to them by strange names.  For example, one of my female friends is Sandbox Lady and one of my male friends is The Philosopher.  These names are there since some people don't necessarily want their lives and thoughts broadcast on my blog.  If you know me and know them you can probably figure out who they are pretty easily.  When I made my initial few posts I used initials for people but as of Dec 16 2009 I have swapped to the new system and edited my old posts.

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